Two players are opposed on a board of 64 squares(8*8),
each othello disc is black on one side and white on the other. Each players take a colour.

Opening position.

Blacks always moves first, players swap colours at the beginning of each new game.

Legal move

Each players places alternately a disc of his colour on a empty square of board. this disc should border one or one row of opponent's discs with another disc of his colour and this in at least one of eight possible directions. In these 8 possible directions, the discs that have been bordered flip round and take player's colour.

If a player cannot make a legal move, he passes his turn.

End game

When there are no more empty square, or no more legal moves, the game is over. The vinner is the player who has the most discs of his coulour.

If you want to know more...

The complete rule are availale on the British Othello Federation.You can also study the strategic notions of this game.

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